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Simon Pederek: Vultures

Bald pate,
Scrawny neck,
Lawyer’s rig
And hammer beak,
You find us repulsive,
Ugly, fit
Only for hatred –
Eaters of filthy meat?

Yet we,
From your rejected street,
In easy flight,
Enjoy the plains
You ache for,
View, possess
The visitations of the moon –
Peace of the



1. PRINCE KWESI OTABIL, KNUST - September 13, 2008

This piece is good in the use of symbols to depict seeking life elsewhere if your own home doesn’t regard you. it also treats the abuse of freedom. thanks for your good observation and constructive critiques to the execution of justice in the country.

2. paapa kwesi amerado - March 22, 2011

See how the dejected finds the freedom that we so much seek.To fly endlessly.Great poem

3. teddy - September 4, 2013

The poem puts to light the pride of the vultures in a sense that they are able to enjoy the good qualities which they possess besides the bad qualities that we humans know about the them.

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