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Kwesi Brew: The Mesh

We have come to the cross-roads
And I must either leave or come with you.
I lingered over the choice
But in the darkness of my doubts
You lifted the lamp of love
And I saw in your face
The road that I should take.



1. Rosemary Barrett nee Cameron - May 1, 2007

I am trying to contact Kwesi Brew.We met in the 70,s when he was ambassador to Lebanon. I was a stray Australian living in Ghana.

2. Kweku Brew - July 11, 2007

You can reach him by writing to: PO Box AD111, Adisadel, Cape Coast, Ghana.

I hope that helps.

3. Mary Oluwabuyi - July 24, 2007

I so much love “The Mesh”. Each time I recite it, it strikes a cord in me and it has different meanings to me. I remember it whenever I am in the valley of decision at any point in my life. At times, I recite it as if I am addressing Jesus when I am in tight situations because His love overwhelmes me and conquers whatever situation I happen to find myself in at such times.
Do u have more inspiring poems as this? I would love to have them pls.
Keep up the good work.

Livinus chimezie - December 29, 2016

Read songs of sorrow 1 and 2 by kofi awonor

4. Michelle Atta-Ortsin - August 6, 2007

I have always loved creative writing in all forms! I am deeply moved by the diction and the thoughts and feelings behind them plus the imagery that is created in the mind. Thank GOD for such talented and truly intelligent Poets.

5. Mame Esi Brew - September 6, 2007

The Brew familly of Cape Coast annouces with deep sorrow,the dead of Kwesi Brew the poet which occurred on the 30th July 2007.Burial takes place on the 20th October,2007,at Christ Anglican Cathedral, Cape Coast.

6. nehemiah - September 15, 2007

I had to study this poem and other poems inside out when i was school in Adisadel some years ago and i must say it was a wonderful experience..poetry is just too magnifique

nafriki - May 11, 2015

I studied too in Uni. Made my love for poetry grow.

7. donna - September 24, 2007

is kwesi really dead?

8. Dushie Prosper. KNUST - October 13, 2007

We are going to miss you as students. You are such a gifted person from God sent down to bless us through your wisdom in poetry. At the crossroads there is nothing that one can do with the other but to part. Even though we do not have you anymore with us, we will always remember you when we take your ‘wisdom pieces’ to read both for wisdom and and the advice of a father 9since that is what you are to us. Your soul rest in perfect peace with the Almighty.

Alex Essilfie - March 18, 2012

You’re very right, Prosper.
Kwesi Brew’s poems touch the very soul.
He’s surely going to be missed.

BTW, where are you? Been soooo veeerrrryyyyy long!

9. David Kofi Owusu - October 16, 2007

Its so painful that I didn’t get to meet this Illustrous Son of Ghana and Africa.
Rest in peace, Kwesi.

10. dokudewn - November 26, 2007

please let me know the reeal meaning of the poem and how to analyse and interprete it I am refering to the Mseh

11. Bunmi Aluko - January 30, 2008

Notes on the mesh by kwesi brew

12. SUNMOLA B OLAYINKA - March 1, 2008

i came across this poem about 15 or more years ago and it has been in my memory since!

Sidik Ibrahim - May 23, 2013

Hi Yinka,
We share similar feelings about “The Mesh”. It is a beautiful love story. Although I read this poem in high school in the late 70’s, it is always new and refreshed in my memory.

13. Bola Agunbiade - April 25, 2008

This is absolutely fantastic! I will call this a classic.

Various times in life, we stop and consider our predicament. We feel indignant, furious and afraid. Poems like this help us to square our shoulders and say to our doubt, ‘enough’ and to our mountains, ‘move’ and they will hear and move.

Believe me, they will!

14. U Win Soe - May 29, 2008

I like this poem very much as it says many things. As for me , the mesh means Messiah which is also meant to God or Christ who shows and shares His great love to all mankind. We all should followed the way of God or Jesus Christ.

15. awo asare - July 3, 2008

Since childhood, the Mesh has been one of my favorite poems. Im so sad to learn Kwesi Brew passed away. May his soul rest in peace.

16. Bola Nicholson - July 11, 2008

Not the response you are looking for but I am trying to locate Bunmi Aluko. We went to New Rea together.

My maiden name is Bola Ramos.

17. John Omoti - November 1, 2008

Poetry feeds my spirit & it opens to me a silent but engaging world deeper than the depths of seas & broader than the sky stretch. I have always loved “The Mesh” so much. It’s so simple, apt, straight-forward, short yet very striking & powerful. The ideas are sequential & the beautful imagery quickly transfers its effects to the feeling. I never knew, till today, that the writer of one of my favorite poems was snatched by the cruel, cold hand of Death. Oh Life why should humans only be made your transient guests! By your corporeal divorce the grave is richer. But rest, great messenger of Muse, in paradise across the gulf. Adieu Kwesi Brew!

18. Alan Matthews - January 10, 2009

How very, very sad. I have just come across this site, and just learnt of Kwesi’s death some 18 months ago.

Just like Rosemary Cameron (above) I was a sort of ‘stray’ in Senegal in the mid-60s when Kwesi was ambassador there. He took me and the handful of other British volunteer teachers under his wing (much, much more generously than the British Embassy people, I have to say) and invited me when I was in Dakar to parties (lots of these), poetry readings and meals.

He made a big impression on me and I now very much regret not having kept in touch.

Rest in peace, Kwesi. You were a very special person.

(‘The Mesh’ is a magnificent little poem)

19. Onuoha Grace Nnenna - February 4, 2009

Please I want know the opinion of the writer.

niiayikwei - July 30, 2009

Unfortunately Kwesi Brew died about two years ago.

20. Akwetey Ofori - February 20, 2009

I studied a poem titled “nation building” (I cannot remember the author nor the text). If anyone has an idea of it, kindly forward it to my mail address – akwetey2002@yahoo.com

niiayikwei - February 21, 2009

have you any idea where the poet is from? or do you remember a line from it? there are hundreds of poems that are titled/touch on nation building…

21. Yoofi Brew - April 1, 2009

In Kwesi Brew’s book, Return of No Return and other Poems, he has this brilliant one titled Fading Laughter, and I want to share it with all.

Fading Laughter.

It is not all laughter, all the time.
Who can laugh when the roof leaks
And the walls give way to floods?
Laughter is a seasoning of salt, and
Salt is not food but a seasoning for food.
Thay have their sorrows, these men of the land,
Poverty stalks them by the hour
And the kente is a flash in their lives:
handed down the rungs of years
From uncle to nephew through mother’s stream.
Times dintegrating fingers, have by stealth
Loosened the threads
Where the
Weaver of
Had joined
The strips.
The dyes in the colours, red, blue, gold and green
sapped by the devilry of age,
Have paled to where they can fade no more.
But to them, there is no matter for grief:
life has other gifts.

Culled from Kwesi Brew’s, Return of No Return and other Poems.

My appreciation is this:
We can not always eat our cake and have it. Somethings have to give for you to receive. Life is not always sweet. It has it’s bitter side. And like the men he described in his poem, they can’t be seen to enjoy when they have challenges facing them. However, even though they are poor, they ocassionally enjoy themselves nevertheless. That is when they will wear their age old, thread bare kente, the pride of our loom(ref Kwesi Brew, same book – Return of the native same book), when the ocassion arises. Kwesi Brew ingeniously metaphorises laughter to be salt which we all know is a spice and not the main meal, hence too much of it will spoil the broth. The morale here is that we can’t always be happy-go-lucky since there serious issues in life. However even if you lose your shine you don’t need to grieve for life has other gifts – laughter, smiles, dreams, aspirations etc.

niiayikwei - April 4, 2009

I’ll put this up as a poem in its own right. Thanks for sharing, Yoofi.

22. Alex okudu - April 3, 2009

I first read this poem when i was about 12,my cousin the very talented Ebifouh Kagbala showed it to me…it really is a classic,i’m not really an arts person but this one really got me thinking,it’s simple and yet very deep…GR8 poem by a great african

23. lia - April 10, 2009

love this poem…i stumbled upon it at a time when i had to make a very crucial decision in life…hope u post other poems of K. Brew

24. Christiana Samuel - April 28, 2009

the poem “the mesh” is very short but meaningful. Brew use this poem to preach the gospel as the bibel tells us we are the light of the world

25. Okulaja Olatunbosun Ganiu - May 12, 2009

please let me know the real meaning of the poem (theme, analysis) and how to analyse and interprete it. I am referring to the Mesh

Dana - August 23, 2012

the meaning is as you make of it

26. abayomi - May 22, 2009

the mesh
the best poem have red so far. keep it up

27. ALIGA CORDELIA OJIUGO - July 30, 2009


28. Eric Gafatsi - September 23, 2009

is it true that he is gone?

i will for evermiss him for ‘the mesh’ i loved this poem the first day iread it till today .RIP

29. Kelechi - November 6, 2009

Please, can a copy of “LEST WE SHOULD BE THE LAST” by Kwesi Brew be forwarded to my e-mail address ? I miss him, may his gentle soul rest in peace.

30. Arabella "Araba" - January 14, 2010

i first read “the mesh” while living in ghana in 1992. it touched my heart then, and still does. . . it is one of my all time favorite poems.

glad i found your wonderful site. thank you!

31. Raphael Abrahams - January 27, 2010

I’ve loved and kept this poem in my memory since I came across it in Sinior High School, back then in Accra Academy. This poem has emotions. So sad to know Kwesi Brew is dead, May his soul rest in the gentle arms of the Lords.

32. Frederick Mills - February 4, 2010

This is the only poem that got stuck in my little cranium. I studied it Senior Secondary School (Aggrey Memorial Sec.- Cape Coast). Its Straight to the point and tickles the emotional, spiritual and futuresque sensibilities of mere mortals. It plays and replays in my mind and thoughts, unsolicited.
I’ll call it an “all time classic”.

33. KNOB - April 26, 2010

You are the best.
And will forever live on in our heart.

34. Lorraine - June 1, 2010

I work for Shuter & Shooter Publishers in SA. I would like to reproduce Kwesi Brew’s poem ‘The mesh’. Does anyone know who I can approach?

35. D'NQUAH PRISCILLA - June 14, 2010

I enjoy the dirge written by Kwesi Brew and will be happy to know more about My Song written by Kofi Anyidoho.I studied it in THE MOST HOLY TRINITY CATHEDRAL,ACCRA.

36. Rosemary - July 8, 2010

I read this poem when i was in secondary school 1996. I have never forgotten about it and recite it over and over always. thanks

37. yinka omoniwa - October 1, 2010

i read this in 1989 and it became my favorite poem.
fading laughter is also one of my favorites. adieu Mr Brew.

38. Akinbinu Joseph - October 5, 2010

Pls,i need the analysis of the poem The Mesh.how can i get it?

Dana - August 23, 2012

how do you understand it? How ever you interpret it is the correct analysis

39. AKOTO EMMANUEL AMARTEY - November 16, 2010

MR. Kwesi Brew,is such an ispiriing writer. I really enjoyed the poem.this is a poem i would never forget in my life.i encourage you to grab a copy of (THE MESH). AKOTO EMMANUEL AMARTEY, METHODIST DAY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL,TEMA.

40. MAHMUDA JIMETA - January 5, 2011


41. JOSEPH SONNY MENS AH - January 30, 2011


42. Joshua (Brave Joe) - January 31, 2011

The Poem brings back fond memories in Prempeh college in 1989, while I was in form 2. I had the the privilege to be taught by Mrs. Mary Kyere, wife of Opanin Kwadwo Kyere. Because of the feelings & emotions with which she taught the poem, it’s stayed with me for some 22 yrs now. It’s simply a masterpiece

43. Lucky Dunyoh - March 10, 2011

I had never read about the mesh until my african studies lecturer,Nanabenyin talked about it in class.Since then i have loved the poem.The poem is almost the same as the road not taken.This is a master piece and tells us how we are faced with the choices to make.

44. Patrick - March 11, 2011

Great Poem but sad to know he is gone. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Wish we all could experience him.

45. Bright Dey - March 11, 2011

Great poem.Have fallen in love with this poem over n over again.God bless,Kwesi.

46. Portia sika adjei - March 20, 2011

The mesh is short but pregnant with ideas

47. Paul Akwasi Kpogo - March 21, 2011

kwesi Brew is a great poet and as long as eyes can see and ears can hear he is still alive in this black ink.thanks to the creative writers club of capecoast and Prof. K. Opoku Agyemang for organising a litrary night in honour of the great poet.Paul kpogo (former PRO creative writers ucc

48. selorm - May 18, 2011

kwesi brew has played his part.just us we remember him now be aware that you also need to be remembered one day so join the creative writer’s club-UCC today-president-elect. i love ‘the mesh’ for it’s an anthem for lovers

49. Papa Fynn Junior - June 25, 2011

Kwesi brew’s poem – the mesh is heart touching that it reminds me of the love of Jesus Christ. by His love, we know where should take and get that eternal peace.


i had a lecture on this poem(the mesh) today and i should say that indeed we have really lost a gem.

51. Gabriel Nkrumah - October 31, 2011

I’m a student at UEW. I spent almost two hours to find the meaning of the poem THE MESH. This means Kwasi Brew was a great man.

52. theophilus - November 20, 2011

So sad to know Kwesi Brew is dead. A ghananian english teacher in my secondary school taught us this poem in JSS 2 and i loved it.

This has been my best poem and there is no poem i can compare with this,

Let the hero be remembered for ever.
R.I.P Kwesi Brew

Anne Mmeje - January 11, 2012

Heard the poem many years ago and it has always been with me. For those looking for analysis, how about a lady gives it in response to a marriage proposal from her beloved? I also like the earlier comments that relate the poem to God. Of course, god is the most significant factor in our lives and He always show us the way to take.

53. Felix Buabeng - December 23, 2011

Oh! Kwesi Brew had been my favorite poet…..I often takes encouragement to soar ahead from his poems…….I taught i would grow to meet him but so sadly that my dream of growing to meet him one day couldn’t come true………Kwesi you were among the best i have ever heard and the best I have heard about are very few……May your soul rest in perfect peace……….

54. Akinmusira-Williams Oluwamuyiwa Akinjiola - January 12, 2012

Just and always believe in this poem. Have been holding strong onto for years. Believe in its words and it’s definately my best poetic lines ever.

55. Adeniran - February 1, 2012

The Mesh by Kwesi Brew is a very wonderful and inspiring poem, I learnt and have memorized this poem while in form 3 in 1984. Today 01/02/2012 at the point of a major decision I had to fall back to the poem to get a direction on what to do and how I should go about it. This is the powerful impact it has on my Life. God Bless you wherever!

56. Ogbuagu Uzoamaka - February 2, 2012

I read The Mesh when i was a lot younger and it instantly struck a cord in my heart because of the purity of the love described so simply.
I am getting married in a few days and it gives me great joy that this poem is going to be a part of the ceremony. I am glad and privileged to share it’s beauty with the rest of the world.

A tribute to Mr. Brew

oscar kwame segbefia - June 16, 2012

i first met this poem at college in 2001. i really love it.

57. Karen Atakora - February 28, 2012

I really love this poem(The mesh). The first day I heard about it, it really touch my heart. But it was sad to know that he is dead.

58. Tasha - February 29, 2012

em…pls i’m in JHS 3 this poem came in our mock exam on the literary part and the question was “What is the theme of the poem above?” There were LOVE and CHOICE in the possible answers and i want to know which one is right…TIA, btw i love this poem

59. Clementina Nnamdi - March 17, 2012

I read this poem wen i was n jss 2 sum 12yrs back and it made an indelible mark n my memory.one of my best poems ever.kwesi brew even though u are dead u still live on!

60. Yram - March 24, 2012


61. Geoman Ugochukwu Nwaogu - April 2, 2012

I read Kwesi Brew’s “The Mesh” in Middle School in Nigeria a very long time ago. Amazingly, it is one of those unforgettable poems that have refused to leave my head and heart despite the passage of time and journeys across different continents. Out of boredom,I googled the poem on the internet a few minutes ago and was sad to read from the comments of folks who visited this page before me that Kwesi Brew passed on to the great beyond in 2007. This comment is a tribute to an illustrious son of Africa whom I never met in person. Your poems live in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of school children across the world who knew you through them. May you rest in the bosom of the good Lord and may your family produce another Brew whose achievements will make yours look insignificant.

Ewuraba Brew - November 10, 2012

We still miss u grandpa your poems would forever remain in our hearts.

Vivian Adegbedu - December 18, 2012

‘The mesh’ is a great work, which has a lot of symbolism. it gets me humbled any time i read it. Back when i was in school, i passed my literature paper by appreciating this poem word to word and line to line. Kwesi Brew though gone..still lives on through his works.

62. Dana - August 23, 2012

Was taught this by our Literature Teacher; we were then in Secondary School Form 2. I mean 1977

63. iwezu joy - September 20, 2012

This poem is just simple and great,indeed i saw ‘The road that i should take’

64. Ayeleso Toyosi - October 8, 2012

Learnt this poem some many years ago, each times I recite it feels like am fixing a missing cord! Its got dept and exemplifies that there could be QUALITY without QUANTITY

65. rasheed sibo - November 9, 2012

iii just love this poem.to my lil angel Naima with love.

66. mygreenlove - February 3, 2013

I love African poetry and Kwesi is my favourite.

67. Bonginkosi Boa Tsela - February 26, 2013

What is the poetry all about(summary)

68. ERICA DADZIE - March 6, 2013


69. Ahumareze queen - April 8, 2013

I recited this poem at the age of 7-8. I was in elementary school and I can still recite this poem…gush good memories 😘😘😘

70. Debbie - May 18, 2013

I read and studied this poem years ago in Ghana National College. It’s the best poem I’ve ever read in my life. It’s so touching and I love it.. RIP, Mr Kwesi Brew…

71. Awuni Salomey - October 17, 2013

lovely and inspirational

72. jerome quansah - October 30, 2013

The mesh is one of africans classic poems that reveals the power and the beauty of love in times of doubt. It touches my spirit anytime I recite.

73. adjei richard - November 9, 2013

kwasi fantes are proud of you.you have done a good job …rip

74. esaenwi thankgod - March 27, 2014

Kwesi brew has indeed done a great job

75. Eric Donkor - April 3, 2014

of all the poems I read as a lit. student, kwesi’s ‘ the mesh’ is the one that I can still recite by heart

76. Kojo - July 6, 2014

I learnt this poem back in primary school, and it’s stuck ever since! Great site, best poem, and RIP Kwesi, you will be missed indeed!! #TheMesh

77. Kofi Freeman - August 18, 2014

Gone but not forgotten

78. Mustapha Qudus Sheu - September 4, 2014

The poem reveals life itself, it deals with all thing one might have been encounterring in life.

79. fareed gombilla - September 25, 2014

this poem is really filled with true wisdom

80. benjamin azachie - August 7, 2015

I having been thinking of how kwesi brew came about THE MESH.you are truly a scholar.

81. Sunday ugochukwu obinwa - August 28, 2015

Powerful, straight to the point like imagism poetry. Kwesi brew is a poet that will not be forgotten in a long while….
The poem is a pure description of love, and the struggle for the right decision within split of seconds…..

82. Sunday ugochukwu obinwa - August 28, 2015

Always in love with this piece… The quality control is superb, the wordings….mind trilling.

83. Sarfo kantanka - January 8, 2016

This happens in real life situation, when you really have to make a choice especially with marriage

84. Adebambo Oreoluwa - April 6, 2016

I tried commenting on this poem last year or thereabout..but I wasn’t chanced. This poem got me. Such a pity Kwesi is late. I wish I met or something. I really appreciate this poem and never get tired of reading it over and over again. I get goosebumps everytime I read it! It’s an evergreen poem.

85. Aliku Yasiin - May 24, 2016

Practically the poem has helped me so much in my teaching of the basic elements of poetry.
My introductory lessons are never a trying task. I recite this poem and my lesson gets way,
Figurative language

Above all it inspired me to write my own simple poems

86. obedamponsah - October 4, 2016

Wonderful piece

87. Soye Ogunfadebo - January 6, 2017

This poem stuck in my head throughout my Secondary school days up till now, simply a beautiful classic and unforgettable!

If true that Kwesi Brew is dead, his soul shall definitely rest in peace.

88. Shimwua T Joseph - March 8, 2017

Such a didatic poem which is capable of leading one to a rightful descision making.

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