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Kojo Gyinaye Kyei: Time

an accomplice of waste
is an image of expense

it is always spilling
its angry hands

its consummate skill
like a drill in the brain

never to be stopped

forever whittling
all the vast stores

(this poem is usually structured differently, but it was very hard to duplicate without getting double line spaces, which I hate!)



1. kwame kyeremeh - September 11, 2009

please how can i get the commentary of the poem entitled i have been a victim

2. Janet Riehl - June 10, 2010

Dear Kojo,

I am a huge fan of your book “Still it makes me laugh: no time to die” that you and Hannah Schrechkenbach produced in 1975.

Three Ghanaian friends pooled their resources to send this book to me in Botswana. It has always occupied a treasured place on my book shelf.

Is the book still available in any form?

Have you seen “Joe’s Hair that Talks: The vibrant sign culture of Ghana”?

I’m so glad you are writing poetry and blogging.


3. Darko george - June 14, 2013

You made me upset when i read your poetry

4. christine Wilson - January 27, 2014


I share your enthusiasm for this book. I bought it in Accra in 1975. I love the poems and Hannah’s lovely drawings. It reminds me of the wagons with all those wise sayings! One of my favourites was in Tamale: the back of the wagon said ‘The people don’t know’ and the front said ‘But who’s going to tell them’. This is so clever. In 2003 I visited Accra again but I didn’t see so many of those wagons. I suppose they are too old now. Keep writing!

5. nasia tetteh - March 7, 2014

hi, i also love your poem is really nice actually i’m studying it in school and it’s really good…

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