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Aquah Laluah: The Serving Girl

The calabash wherein she served my food
Was polished and smooth as sandalwood.
Fish, white as the foam of the sea,
Peppered and golden-fried for me.
She brought me palm wine that carelessly slips
From the sleeping palm tree’s honeyed lips.
But who can guess, or even surmise
The countless things she served with her eyes?



1. nwauba - February 17, 2007

this poem was my earliest introduction to the mysteries of the written verse. by the age of nine i had memorised it word for word. even today its descriptive fluency is the standard with which i measure my work.

2. N.W.K. - August 2, 2007

This poem was written by Gladys May Casely-Hayford.

3. niiayikwei - August 2, 2007

N.W.K. There is no disputing the fact that the poem was written by Gladys May Casely-Hayford, but Aquah Laluah is the pen name under which she published the poem in the book edited by Langston Hughes, Poems from Black Africa. Originally descended from Nova Scotians (Black Loyalists), the Casely-Hayfords, like my family, were resettled in Sierra Leone by the British before migrating to Ghana.

4. el emperador - June 7, 2010

How many people will appreciate what those in the margins of society offer even in their deplorable and poor state? Thank you for you poem.

5. salina - July 20, 2010

nice poem. keep on doing the good work.

6. A,merado - March 19, 2011


7. olaronke alo - May 10, 2011


8. Walter Wariithi - September 18, 2016

Nostalgic, kept me awake long after I’ve read it.

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