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Poems from Ghana

I’m seeking out as many electronically available poems from the rich 20th century generation of Ghanaian poets and putting them up. If you find any please send them to me. Poets to look out for are Kwesi Brew, Efua Sutherland, Atukwei Okai (my mentor), Kofi Anyidoho, Kobena Ayi Acquah, Kojo Laing, Frank Kobina Parkes (my uncle) etc.

[ This site is maintained by Ghanaian author and social commentator Nii Ayikwei Parkes in his spare time. As a result, when he is busy, very little happens. Nevertheless, he hopes that this resource will be of service to those who seek to rediscover certain poets and be instructive to those who believe that Ghanaian poetry has no roots. You will notice that the site is very much about the poetry of  our ‘forerunners’, which is why there is no poetry from the likes of Ishmael Annobil and Nii Ayikwei Parkes here. Sites such as One Ghana, One Voice are doing a good job for contemporary work, so please support them. Many thanks for your visit. ]



1. Kwadwo Bediako aka Daddypoet - February 28, 2007

yes i am a poet and i would love to my work to be notify be many Ghanaian poets and etc.

2. niiayikwei - February 28, 2007

Thanks, Kwadwo, good to hear from you, but I’m trying to create a database of pre-1980s Ghanaian poets and make examples of their work available online by trawling through published work. Do you fall in this category?

3. Julian Adomako-Gyimah - March 1, 2007

This is a good website and I look forward to seeing more African and Ghanaian Poets sign up to this for the good of the literary works that we all admire and cherish

4. Rob Taylor - March 1, 2007

Ha! Julian already beat me here. I also very much appreciate your endeavour, and have set up a link to this page from our new magazine: oneghanaonevoice.blogspot.com.

Check it out, I think you might be interested.

5. Sonya - October 28, 2007

Hi everyone, i’m looking for poems in twi with translations. I’ve looked all up on the net with no results. Can anyone help me out here, please. My e-mailaddress is miss_sonya87@hotmail.com.
Thnx in advance.

6. James Wie-Addo - February 1, 2008

Hello my fellow Ghanaians , I need a poem or essay about Ghana independence day thank you. It for a show to teach children who backgrounds are Ghana and does notknow nothin about Ghana. My email is toughguy_2007@hotmail.com

Thank you


7. Michael - December 17, 2008

i am Michael, i want the poet titled ‘the dirge’ wrtten by Kwesi Brew

8. MASTER APPIAH GRANT - March 24, 2009


9. Philip Boakye Dua Oyinka - April 6, 2009

I am a budding Ghanaian writer by name, Philip Boakye Dua Oyinka, and studying under Prof. Kofi Anyidoho. Can I send in some of my poems? You will love them, I tell you.

master godfred obeng de poet oasis - April 27, 2012

wow i will love to have them…..after watching u perform on TGIF u have been my mentor, am desperately waiting for the day i will meet u

10. eben k.B - May 27, 2010

I’ve fallen in love with this site,knowledge, wisdom and stylistics at its best, hope to see some of my poems here. Ho do i get my poem posted here, for the exposure

11. anita - June 30, 2010

i am Anita and i will be very pleased to get a copy of Atukwei Okai’s poem Rosimaya. A poem about unrequited love. thank.

12. SANdos - September 29, 2010

on what site can i get the poem “rosimaya”?

Dotun Silas - January 28, 2011

Pls I need the poem Rosimaya

13. nathaniel - February 9, 2011

thanks for this good step you have taken.

14. Benjamin Morkeh Mensah - April 20, 2011

thanks very much for the good work you are doing.

15. Benjamin Morkeh Mensah - April 20, 2011

on what site can i get the following poems;freedom by Aba Oppong,The Andil & the hammer by Kofi awonoor,Dirge for our path by John k Abu,A goodbye to Arms by Kwesi Brew,Love’s Anixety by Olivia A K Fosu

Nii Ayikwei Parkes - April 20, 2011

Not sure at the moment, but I’ll see if I can find some of them and put them on. I tend to only put on excerpts or poems that can already be found in electronic form as I am mindful of the fact that while it’s good to share poetry from Ghana, there may be copyright issues.

16. BOAKYE BOADU EBENEZER - July 7, 2011


17. lebene attipoe (Theproject Agorkolis*) - December 26, 2011

Glad to discover this literary *hut*.I will thirst all the more for some authentic dirges*.Those that strengthen the limbs and arms of the humble boatmen on our shores,and heal off the spirits of my people- where the sea feeds on hearts*.”This a very long story about Keta*”

fo lebene*

18. Matilda Nuertekie Tetteh - December 17, 2012

Thanks for the site and good job done. How can i get the poem Rosimaya?

19. Rafik - March 8, 2013

Any one know where I can have this poem: **For Ezeke** ? I think is by Kofi Awoonor or Ayindoho.

Will be glad

20. Adjei Agyei-Baah - May 29, 2013

Poetry Foundation Ghana (www.poetryfoundationghan.org) is a one-stop-shop of beautiful contemporary Ghanaian Poetry. You may pass by and read the finest from Gh budding poets and oldies

21. Adebesin Ibraheem - June 9, 2013

It’s a great place to be!

22. Asangba Reginald Taluah - April 9, 2014

Impressive. Ghanaian creative art and that of the African continent as a whole must be showcased at all levels. In Africa, poetry is as old as the African.

23. gyaanua - December 22, 2015

Come away my love by Joseph Kariuki
Our wounded patrimony by Kofi Yankson
Freedom by Aba Oppong
How can I get these poems please?

24. Naa - November 10, 2016

wow nice poems

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