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Prince: Come

ComeCome is a difficult album for a lot of non-hardcore Prince fans to get into, however it covers the range of the gnomish genius quite accurately. It gets funky (Race), it gets soulful (the intro on Dark is delicious!), it gets jazzy (you can hear those horns on many of the 10 tracks, especially on Letitgo, the eleven-minute Come and Dark), it gets folky e.g the mildly Arabic-influenced Solo and he rock/raps in Loose (Linkin who?). A play around with the CD inlay lays bare the conflicts that make Prince so interesting; standing in front of a church with one of those tiny waistcoats only he can get away with, there is a phrase written in mirror-reverse below his feet: “…This is the beginning of a New Spiritual Revolution.” Maybe he means he’s only spiritual when he looks in the mirror; I don’t know (I stopped wondering about Prince – in fact the entire North America – and religion a long time ago), but I do know that I got into the album from the first/title track and I haven’t stopped playing it in 10 years (yes, I got it two years late; I was in University and I was broke OK!). In terms of sound, Come, foreshadows some of the great stuff that Roy Hargrove does on the RH Factor project, the use of jazz in a funk/soul setting. Lyrically, Prince keeps it very bedroom (try this from Space: ‘just keep your eye on my hips / the circles they make be my confession / just say the word and I’ll strip’), although, as always he manages to touch on race (Race, ‘in the space I mark human’), party food 🙂 (Come – what can’t you cover in an eleven minute track?) and social injustice (Papa). My favourite track on this album has to be Dark; the lyrics are very Prince – u took my sex and my money / took all my self esteem, yes u did / u had the nerve 2 think it was funny / i never knew a bitch so mean, yes sir – the music is beautifully textured and Prince sings with full-on emotion with all the high-pitched ad libs I love :). For those who mainly use music in the bedroom, Come is a dope get down album; its got at least one Pheromone (my left hand under your head / while my right embraces time / therein, my virgin, love’s wine) and even ends with Orgasm although Prince only says about his partner on the track who did the moaning, ‘she knows‘. This is not Prince’s best album, but by normal musician standards it’s a very good album. If you’re a fan, well, you know

NAP 2006



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