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Podcast Experimentation October 4, 2006

Posted by Nii Ayikwei Parkes in Poems, Random.
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I’ve decided to start a podcast to experiment with the technology, and also to do one of the things I love doing – reading my poetry out. I’m sure it will be odd without a visible audience, but I’ll get used to it. One thing’s for sure – the first one will be terrible; I have a stone age microphone, bad acoustics in my flat and, of course, there’s the invisible audience thing… Anyway, I’ll be reading from my chapbooks eyes of a boy, lips of a man, M is for Madrigal and shorter (the one I put together to raise money for the writers’ fund for Ghana. Enjoy the podcast!

Schedule: Once per week
Title: Nii Ayikwei Parkes POETIC
Format: mp3 – each book will be a volume: eyes of a boy… = vol 1 and each poem will be a part, therefore the first poem from eyes of a boy…, will be vol 1, part 1. All the poems will have a bit of preamble where I talk about my day and perhaps give some context for the poem.

Future plans: If this works out and I learn the art of podcasting properly, I’ll start to podcast the African Writers’ Evening series that I run at the Poetry Cafe every other month.